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Use any booking site and book a hotel for your upcoming trip, just make sure you book a hotel with a free cancellation policy.

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If you sign up using GMAIL we will automatically recognize your booking confirmation and our algorithms will start searching for Better Hotels.

You can also forward a booking confirmation email manually.

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We monitor hotel prices – daily. As soon as we find a Better Hotel, we’ll let you know! If you like it, you simply book it & cancel your old booking - it takes less than 3 minutes!

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How Does BetterHotel Work?

Hotel Prices Constantly Fluctuate

Prices will go up and down many times between the day you made a reservation and the day you actually check into a hotel.

BetterHotel Algorithms Analyze your Hotel

Your hotel experience is based on many factors: star level, room type & size, bed size, free/paid wi-fi, meals etc.
BetterHotel takes all this into account and weeds out hotels & rooms that aren't Better than yours.

We’re Always Searching for a Better Deal!

BetterHotel’s technology, monitors hotel prices in your reservation area several times a day!
It’s simply impossible to do this manually

Better Hotel FOUND!

The combination of our BetterHotel Algorithms and our automatic price monitoring allows for Better Hotel opportunities to be found!

Choose your UPGRADE

As soon as BetterHotel finds you a Hotel upgrade it will be posted to your BetterHotel dashboard and we'll notify you via email or message.
Login to the dashboard and see the available upgrades. Book the one you want and cancel your old reservation - ENJOY YOUR UPGRADE!

Complete Control

We are not all alike! Breakfast, free Wi-Fi, high floor, large bed, soft bed, bigger room, free parking, closer to public trasport etc etc - simply login to the BetterHotel Dashboard and set your Hotel preferences. This way the algorithms find exactly what you like.