BetterHotel Is Here to Do Your Hotel Research for You!

About BetterHotel

Whether it’s business or pleasure, Accommodation is usually the highest expense for any trip.

With over 1,000 hotel stays between the 3 of us, we founded BetterHotel with the mission to make sure that travelers stay at the absolute best hotel their budget can obtain.

Omer Shoham

Co-Founder & CPO

I travel with my family almost as much as I travel for work, we spend a lot of time at the hotel and when you get to a hotel and discover that it isn’t as good as you had hoped it affects your entire trip.

Simon Gelfand

Co-Founder & CTO

As an amateur photographer I traveled to some of most popular and least popular places on the globe. I pick my destinations according to the landscape and not the hotel supply in the area, finding the right hotel isn’t easy.

Roy Harpak

Co-Founder & CEO

Spending up to 150 nights a year on the road for business meetings and conferences, I learnt that you’re always on a tight schedule, making sure your hotel fits your needs can be the difference between having a successful or a wasteful business trip.