Frequently Asked Questions

In the spirit of saving you an extra click or two, we figured we’d round up the most frequently asked questions about BetterHotel so you can satisfy your curiosity.

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What is a “Better” Hotel?

Better is indeed a very subjective definition. The bottom line is that a Better Hotel can be better because any of these:

  • More stars
  • Free breakfast
  • Better view
  • Bigger room
  • Bigger bed
  • Better location
  • Free parking
  • And more

Imagine yourself booking a 3 star hotel with a queen sized bed and upgrading to a 5 star hotel with a king sized bed and free breakfast – and paying $150 less!

Our technology uses smart algorithms to analyze your current reservation and break it down into pieces.
Each separate piece is given a “Better Hotel Score”.
It then analyzes all of the hotels in the same area finding hotels that outperform your overall score without falling short on any piece.

How are you able to find me a Better Hotel?

Hotel prices fluctuate constantly, if a hotel is busy they will raise the prices as they know they will sell out, however, if a hotel has a lot of vacancies, they will lower the prices – an empty room loses them money.

Can I do this on my own?

It’s possible you can upgrade yourself to a better hotel.
You would have to work on this many hours and get very lucky to find the hotel price drop exactly when you’re searching.
We provide this service for FREE! Allowing you to spend your time doing more important things.

What does it cost me?

Absolutely NOTHING! It’s 100% FREE We don’t charge you anything, on the contrary, if we find you a Better Hotel for less than your original booking, you keep the savings!

How can this be a FREE service?

The service is indeed 100% FREE! We are of course a business and not a charity, our revenues only come from the booking fees – meaning from the hotels and their affiliates. The same way most other online booking services make their money.

Does it matter who I booked my hotel with?

Absolutely NOT! Any platform you used to book your current reservation.
Including: Expedia, Kayak,, TripAdvisor, Travelocity,, Orbitz, AGODA, Trivago, HotWire, IHG, etc. etc.
Even if you booked direct with the hotel.
As long as your reservation is refundable – WE CAN HELP

Does it matter where my hotel is located?

Not at all. We will find you a Better Hotel anywhere you’re looking to go.

How do I make sure my new hotel isn’t too far?

We only offer you hotels in the same area as your original booking. Our maximum distance from your original hotel is 1 mile. You can also update your prefrences in your dashboard section.

Will you spam me?

Never! We only need your email in order to get your hotel reservation info. We will not share or use any of your personal info, ever.

What do you use my information for?

We only use the data in the hotel reservation in order to know what would be the best hotel for you. We don’t use or share any of your personal information.